English Artist

Just a bloke ,who paints and thinks .Whose heart is scarred, who finds beauty in the delicate and the slight.

Born in the 60s, grown in Leeds, scared in Los Angeles.Matured in Yorkshire.Made it ,then broke it , loved and lost and saved from the bottle after some time in the clink.

I studied figure drawing under Michael Stewart at Jacob Kramer and completed my BA in Contemporary Art Practise (now Fine Art) at Leeds Metropolitan University.

So beauty and the structure of the body,character and spirit, are now some of the aspects of the muse that I try to capture in my work.

My story is one of faith,of getting back up again and again.I play no violin but thank the universe for every breath I take everyday,every sky,every flower,every smile and even every salty tear..

I am self taught and I went to Art School.

I teach and learn something new every day.

I appreciate my friends and the support of the collectors who own my work, their investment not just in money but  time and passion for the work is so important..

Each work is my passion wrote big,so please take care of them...they never truly leave me.

Thank you for reading..

Pauli X


Studio 251 Spen Lane Gomersal BD19 4LT

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